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Welcome to Our Paradise!


This first article is to introduce the Sylvan Grove Guest House blog. Yes, we know it is very unusual for a guest house or B&B to run a blog. However, in this day and age it is imperative that any small business does its bit to stand out, ESPECIALLY when the quiet periods roll around and the going gets tough!

The Sylvan Grove Guest House blog is our way of not only keeping up with the times, but also keeping in touch with our community. We have also made it our mission to find as many ways as possible to offer extra value and excitement to our guests, as well as to highlight the best of Durban for those visiting from afar. Our first promotion, which launches on 1 June 2019, will be a testament to this! But before we get into those details, let us tell you a quick story about who we are. 

A brief history

At the time of writing, Sylvan Grove Guest House has been around for almost two decades. Chris Carter and Jill Mundy were the previous owners, and they handed the reins over to us in June 2015. They had created a solid name for the B&B, and had established themselves as one of the best in the upper Umhlanga area. This can be seen from the bounty of positive reviews prior to our involvement, and we knew that maintaining the same high quality would be no walk in the park.

Chris & Jill
The previous owners - Chris & Jill

4 years on, the guest house is still going strong and we are LOVING IT! We have changed our soaps, shampoos and body lotions to African Spa travel size products. We have our own security guard that patrols the grounds at night. And just recently we have started finding more ways to enhance the Durban experience for our visitors.

One of these ways is the bunny chow promotion running from the 1st of June up until the 30th. The guest house in partnership with the Hollywoodbets Bunny Bar in Springfield will be offering guests a voucher for an authentic bunny chow. Now this is no ordinary meal. The history of the bunny chow is comprehensive and deserves an article on its own. What is important however, is that people from all over the country (as well as all over the world) will have something to write home about. Heck, we even have postcards ready at reception! 

There will be many more interesting articles to come, so give us a like on Instagram or Facebook and stay in touch. We would love to hear from you!

The Sylvan Team

Hollywood Bunny
The Famous Hollywoodbets Bunny Chow